Pro-Coat Electronic Rust-Proofing $275

Rust and corrosion can ruin your vehicle, inside and out, turning your factory sheet metal in to “scrap metal”. Extend the life of your vehicle with microprocessor technology, controlled by the Pro-Coat Rust-Proofing System. Pro-Coat is the leader in electronic rust-proofing technology, using “Smart Circuitry” to wrap a protective shield around your car and protect it against harsh elements such as snow, road pollutants and acid rain. At the heart of the corrosion prevention system, a computerized control module sends out negative electrical charges to grounded body panels of your car; These pulsating charges help to inhibit rust and corrosion to extend the life of your car. Protect your vehicle with the latest rust-proofing technology.

The Pro-Coat module charges the Coupler Pad, creating a capacitive charge of electrons. The electrons form a protective shield to reduce oxidation and corrosion. The Pro-Coat Coupler Pad acts as a positive charge, the vehicle’s paint acts as a neutral charge (dielectric), and the body of the vehicle acts as the negative charge.

  • Uses the latest computerized capacitive coupling technology
  • A clean and efficient way to protect your investment
  • Will not drain vehicle’s battery, uses less power than an in-dash digital clock
  • Environmentally safe with no application of toxic chemicals or sprays
  • Compatible with all new and pre-owned vehicles
  • Helps to inhibit corrosion caused by scratches, nicks and stone chips
  • Proven to reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of vehicles
  • Protects the re-sale or lease-end value of your vehicle

FAQ about Pro-Coat Rust Control

Is the Pro-Coat electronic system better than chemical rust-proofing?
Yes, because with Pro-Coat the entire automobile is protected – the protection is not dependent upon the quality and coverage of the chemical rust-proof application. Sprays and coatings are only as good as far as they can reach, which is less than 60% of a vehicle’s surface. Pro-Coat reaches 100% and is environmentally friendly.
Will this device drain my car battery?
No. The Pro-Coat is constructed with “smart circuitry” which draws only about 10 milliamps of power from your car battery. This is less than an in dash digital clock. The unit has a built in safety feature that will automatically detect a drop in battery voltage below 11.7 volts and turn itself off long enough to avoid battery drain. The module with automatically turn itself back on when you start your car. This assures the unit will never drain your battery in cold weather or times that your battery is experiencing lower than normal voltage.
My car already has some rust. Will Pro-Coat help?
Yes. It is recommended that Pro-Coat be installed prior to having your vehicle’s rust repaired, as this will allow time for the Pro-Coat technology to help stabilize existing corrosion. In all but very severe cases, Pro-Coat will noticeably reduce the corrosion rate.
How do I know if the unit is working?
The is a little red LED light built into the Pro-Coat unit. This light stays on or blinks constantly to show that the module is operation normally. If the light is off it can mean a couple things:

  • The battery has dropped below 11.7 volts so the unit shut off to save battery power for cold weather starting. The light will come back on when the battery voltage is above 12.5 volts (when the vehicle is started up)
  • When the voltage is between 11.7 and 12.5 volts the LED light will blink
  • If your light stays off constantly, you may have a battery problem, or the Pro-Coat unit may need to be replaced. Return to us for service and we will troubleshoot the problem.
Will the Pro-Coat module effect or interfere with my radio reception or other electronics?
No, it will not. The circuitry is designed to comply with current U.S and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standards. Therefore, you will not experience any unwanted static or interference on your radio reception or electronic devices.
Is Pro-Coat Rust Protection required on new cars?
Although auto manufacturers are making cars much better, rust still occurs. Since the automobile will be your second largest investment, we recommend Pro-Coat to protect your investment in the long run. It preserves the beauty of your vehicle and keeps it looking like new.
Does Pro-Coat void new car warranties?
No. Pro-Coat installation requires no wire cutting or holes to be drilled and does not void auto manufacturers warranties.
What do I do if the red light on the module is off?
Usually nothing. The Pro-Coat will shut itself off automatically only if your battery drops below 11.7 volts. This usually occurs in very cold weather and when your car has been sitting idle. In these circumstances the negative ion loss on your vehicle (which causes rust) is very minimal. If the module light is not operating when your vehicle is running, then return to us for service.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment to have Pro-Coat installed in your vehicle. We guarantee to deliver a high quality product that has uncompromising performance. And as always, we provide you personalized, professional, and friendly service.